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Ursula Wittwer-Backofen

Professor of Physical Anthropology

Ursula Wittwer-Backofen is a real Professor of Biological Anthropology and one of the world's leading experts in her field of research. Among other things, she owes her great reputation to her work on skull and skeleton research and her forensic expertise. At the University of Freiburg, she has also developed the Master's program Global Urban Health, a modular course that combines medicine, anthropology, health economics, humanities and social sciences. She has transcended boundaries in research and teaching in order to collaborate on creative ideas with colleagues from other scientific disciplines, to take inventive paths and to arrive at new insights.


Student, Microsystems Engineering

Kim is a fictional microsystems engineering student. She is studying at the Faculty of Engineering, which has given the University of Freiburg an enormous boost in development since its foundation 30 years ago. The new faculty has expanded its range of courses to include future technologies such as microsystems engineering, embedded systems, computer science and sustainable systems. In terms of research, it has enabled clusters of excellence and centers to emerge, particularly through the interaction among technology, medicine, life sciences and material sciences. In this creative environment of cutting-edge research at the University of Freiburg, Kim receives the optimal education to be able to solve the social and technical questions of the future.


PhD-Candidate, Humanities

Sidney is a fictional doctoral student of the humanities, who are represented at the University of Freiburg at the Faculties of Philosophy and Philology with a broad spectrum of subjects. They have produced many important researchers and are characterized by a special culture of cooperation: Freiburg is one of the few universities in Germany that can boast two Collaborative Research Centers in the humanities with the topics “otium” and “heroes”. Sidney has discovered his area of research to be in medieval studies and at the same time benefits from an intellectually stimulating and creative environment in which the scientific disciplines provide each other with mutual academic stimulation.

Your Study and Your Research:

Studying and researching in Freiburg enables you to use the full potential of the European Campus - one of the first European Universities.

5 universities, 3 countries, 1 campus

Eucor – The European Campus is a trinational alliance of five universities in the Upper Rhine, a border region between Germany, France and Switzerland.

Its members are the universities of

  • Basel,
  • Freiburg,
  • Haute-Alsace,
  • Strasbourg,
  • and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Together, these institutions crystallise the skills of some 15,000 researchers, 13,500 doctoral candidates and 117,000 students in a region that is economically strong and research intensive in the heart of Europe. They are building a scientific space with a clearly defined profile, without walls or borders and with international outreach.


University of Basel

Founded in 1460

Within its seven faculties, the University of Basel cultivates a wide range of scientific disciplines.


University of Freiburg

Founded in 1457

Today, the university is characterised by a mix of traditional disciplines and modern technology.


University of Haute-Alsace 1975

Founded in

As a highly innovative multidisciplinary university, it is recognised for the quality of its professionalisation and cross-border teaching programmes.


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Founded in 2009

With some 9,200 employees and 26,000 students, the KIT is one of the largest scientific institutions in Europe. Through its research-oriented curricula, it prepares its students for assignments with responsibility in society, economics and science.


University of Strasbourg

Founded in 1538

Benefiting from a exceptional heritage, it welcomes a cosmopolitan community into a creative cultural and scientific ecosystem. It develops relationships with its partners that allow it to develop, cultivate and transmit knowledge, share it and stay in touch with society.

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We have compiled a selection of our Bachelor's and Master's programs taught in English. You can find all our courses here.

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